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Surgery Workstation

Medical video station recording high quality HD into DICOM

Surgery Workstation is fully compatible with Carl Zeiss, Karl Storz, Leica, Olympus, Panasonic devices and other medical video sources: surgical video cameras, scopes (endoscopes, arthroscopes etc.), microscopes and others.


MedDream SurgeryWorkstation

262 mb

    Intuitive, simple, but very powerful software controllable by touchscreen:
  • - Record and manage HD video during the surgery.
  • - Recorded studies can be stored locally and sent directly to the DICOM compatible system (PACS or other) of the hospital network.
  • - SW can locally store more than 125 hours of HD video and up to 100.000 of still images.
  • - Obtain a worklist for patient identification / procedure.
  • - You can delete corrupt pictures or video frames. Other editing is possible in MedDream DICOM Viewer, when stored in VNA / PACS.
  • - Broadcast video in real time.
  • - Delay in real time is only 2 frames.

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