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Release notes 4.02

MedDream DICOM Viewer v4.02 (2014-09-24)

New features:

– supports PHP 5.5;
– embedded document marked as “application/postscript” considered PDF if begins like one;
– access to Settings for PacsOne 6.3.3+ users with System Administration privilege;
– report printing uses a customizable HTML template;
– upload/download attachments (PacsOne, also DCM4CHEE after proper setup);
– export to DVD-sized ISOs in PacsOne.

Bug fixes:

– non-square pixels could yield wrong Reference Lines, measurement results.

Known bugs:

– Conquest doesn’t show ECG thumbnails, Encapsulated PDF;
– SRs can’t be viewed under Linux;
– integrated reports: contents of a freshly added report aren’t accessible via history;
– Modality LUT is incorrectly applied *after* VOI LUT — won’t show some images;
– no support for uncompressed YBR_FULL, YBR_PARTIAL_422.

Versions older than two years are no longer supported. Supported versions are only from 5.5.2 and later.

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