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Release notes 5.0

MedDream DICOM Viewer v5.0 (2016-03-15)

New features:

– Forward several studies at once;
– Inform about new version;
– Write annotation text;
– Image thumbnails: indicate if the image have one or several annotations;
– PHP 5.2 and IIS are no longer supported;
– Maintain the same measurement positions and measurement values when user uses zoom in/out, smooth, rotate, and etc. function;
– Flash video streaming;
– Added opportunity to edit measurements;
– Move measurement to another location;
– Support for PHP 5.6.

HTML DICOM Viewer features:

– Log Off and About toolbar buttons moved into a collapsible menu;
– Update EULA: add 3.6 point;
– Indicate about the annotation in search results;
– Delete annotation text;
– Edit annotation text;
– View annotation.


– The Mobile viewer doesn’t load if languages.xml is used;
– meddream.swf isn’t cached and loads a new every time;
– Easier troubleshooting if the installation directory is protected by SELinux.

Known bugs:

– HTML viewer does not open the Export dialog for an opened study if no image is opened;
– Windows build of Apache/PHP might run out of memory with multi-frame images and HTML viewer;
– No sorting for series and images with ‘DICOM’ and ‘WADO’ pseudo-DBMSes;
– Auto Open First Image triggers on not cached yet images with nonzero meddream.retrieve_entire_study;
– Abort of a background operation delayed with large images and nonzero meddream.retrieve_entire_study;
– Cached files for nonzero meddream.retrieve_entire_study might expire just before Export, Save Images, Print Series operation;
– “DICOM Flow” not fully supported with nonzero meddream.retrieve_entire_study;
– With DICOM/WADO some search criteria are invisible in audit log;
– Uploaded file name (or at least the record ID) not visible in audit log;
– REQUEST_URI missing in audit log;
– Mobile version doesn’t log off properly when closing the browser window;
– Structured Reports can’t be viewed under Linux;
– Re-login might be needed after downloading an .iso/.burn file from Export;
– Some images invisible as Modality LUT is incorrectly applied after VOI LUT.

Versions older than two years are no longer supported. Supported versions are only from 5.5.2 and later.

Read more about MedDream DICOM Viewer 5.0 release here.