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Release notes 7.0

MedDream DICOM Viewer v7.0 (2018-11-23)

New features:

– Multi PACS support;
– Context menu on right mouse click;
– New settings management;
– Changed image processing engine.
– Double Oblique MPR/MIP;
– 3D view (optional module).


– Changed different thumbnails load priority: CT thumbnails are loaded from the first series image to the last;
– Fixed the issue related to inconsistent patient name format in search and viewer windows;
– Fixed issues for supporting IE11;
– Fixed the issue on formatting correctly view-port date;
– Fixed the issue Viewer allows to choose export folder and export filename.

Known issues:

– Using MedDream search on q/r and windows-1251 encoding, search by patient name in windows-1251 not working;
– HIS integration links do not work with oAuth authentication method;
– Mobile version: after adding some measure, like line other tools are not working;
– Context menu is not working if user makes Full-screen, context menu is under the picture;
– Safari browser issue: video preview is not working;
– Right Mouse button Context menu on Firefox is not working;
– 3D: Incorrect W/L value on Oblique MPR;
– 3D: Firefox the measurement completion trigger is not working.

Known limitations:

-Following functions are not supported in FileSystem integration case: Key Objects, Annotations, Cine mode, MPR, Reports;
– Multiple Query/Retrieve plugin instances store DICOM Instances in one cache catalog.

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