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Release notes 7.5.2

MedDream DICOM Viewer v7.5.2 (2020-09-11)


– Continued migration from php to Java technology: main functionalities only in Java;
– Created Reports functionality in Java version;
– Thumbnail: possibility to hide the Thumbnail and use it from the right mouse quick menu;
– CT/MR phases as separate series;
– Added information message for Quick Save button: “Saved”;
– During the preload of the study, the series are automatically splitted by different values in tags: (0018,0086) – Echo number, (0020,0012) – Acquisition Number, (0018,9087) – Diffusion b-value;
– Shortcuts change for Hanging protocols: Apply next HP: ALT+V and Apply previous HP: ALT+C;
– New design for Share via DICOM Library, Export, Forward functionalities;
– Updated user authentication and authorization mechanism. Possibility to use InMemory or h2 database users, permission functionality. Default permission for URL and Token integration;
– Re-sizable and draggable dialog windows: About, Export, Forward, Save KO, Share via DICOM Library, etc.;
– Updated Token generation and validation service: for opening studies in a more secure approach;
– Updated Token disabled integration. Implemented support for one of the parameters: study, patient ID, accession number, accession number + patient ID, file (only for file system integration);
– Possibility to configure to restore cached studies information: in case it was restarted all cached studies are restored from cached files information;
– Implemented faster video studies streaming, with PACS’es: PacsOne, FilesSystem, dcm4chee v2 and dcm4chee v5;
– WEB DICOM (WADO) support: possibility to connect with any PACS that supports WADO integration;
– Implemented synchronization scrolling between two series with no latency: function “Link Scrolled series”. Study must be preloaded;
– Possibility to scroll to the next image on multi-frame or scroll between frames if the mouse is in the frame scroll location;
– Study is immediately opened if the study contains one series only (in mobile view);
– Possibility to export big files (export functionality changes because of browsers limitations);
– In Service manual created list of configuration changes compared to the older versions;
– Renewed Chrome extension for MedDream for viewing using multi monitors;
– Updated dependencies and used libraries.

Known limitations:

– MedDream in IFrame: sometimes is blocked by browsers security requirements;
– No Report status in Search window study list;
– No possibility to configure multiple URL integration methods (only one per installation: Study, patient ID, accession number or accession number + patient ID);
– URL integration does not support MultiStorage;
– No possibility to open patient study list in URL patient open integration (all patient studies loaded in viewer window instead).

Known bugs:

– 3D: MIP is not centered;
– Safari and Firefox problems: video preview is not working as browser gives error;
– MedDream renders image with a large amount of noise for specific studies;
– Study shows incorrect: colored 3 images per study for specific studies.

Read more about new features or watch video tutorial.

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NOTE: MedDream v7.5.2 and later versions will be supported for critical and security fixes for 1 year period to ensure integrability, reliability and security.