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Release notes 7.6.0

MedDream DICOM Viewer v7.6.0 (2021-01-27)


  • Updated Reports functionality:
    • Report status in search window;
    • Possibility to see the list of historically saved reports;
    • Added possibility to add study UID, patient’s birth date, referring doctor;
    • Possibility to use H2 or MySQL databases for saving reports;
    • Possibility to use user name from token for report templates management.
  • Updated token generation and validation service – for opening studies in a more secure approach; possibility to pass user information in token.
  • Updated token disabled integration – implemented support using more than one /his integration parameters: study, patient ID, accession number, accession number + patient ID, file (only for file system integration).
  • Upgraded Forward functionality:
    • Possibility to forward more than one study in the “view” window;
    • Implemented asynchronous sending – user can continue to work while forwarding;
    • Forward report information is related with user session.
  • Implemented to show a list of patient studies if HIS integration is configured by patient ID.
  • New measurement: CTR – cardiothoracic ratio to estimate a heart size.
  • Made changes on counting concurrent connections.
  • In Service manual – created list of configuration changes compared to the older versions.
  •  Updated dependencies and used libraries.
  • Google Cloud and Cloud Healthcare API support: MedDream could be integrated into Google Healthcare Cloud as any other medical cloud storage.
  • MedDream Viewer API: MedDream control options from HIS/EHR/EMR.
  • MedDream Viewport API: MedDream Viewport as Web component for React/Angular/Vue.

Known limitations:

– MedDream in IFrame – sometimes is blocked by browsers security requirements;
– URL integration does not support MultiStorage;
– Internet Explorer 11 is not supported;
– Renders image with a large amount of noise for specific studies, it belongs from a used computer video card, sparsely reproducible.

 Bug Fixes:

– Fixed blackListedSopClasses is applied to /study/*/series/*/metadata endpoints.
– Fixed PacsOne plugin – series sorting.
– Fixed Ellipse disappearing on image rotation.
– Fixed shortcuts using in dif. browsers.
– Fixed opening different tokens in the same browser.
– Fixed volume measurements display for Ultrasound studies.

Known bugs:

– 3D: MIP is not centered;
– Safari and Firefox problems: for some video study preview is not working as browser gives error;
– Study shows incorrect – colored 3 images per study for specific studies.

Read more about 7.6.0 new features or  watch video tutorial.

Download the newest MedDream DICOM Viewer’s version and try it for free. 

NOTE: MedDream v7.6.0 and later versions will be supported for critical and security fixes for 1 year period to ensure integrability, reliability and security.