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Release notes 7.8.1

MedDream DICOM Viewer v7.8.1 (2021-12-17)


  • Fixed issue related with Ellipse drawing performance;
  • Fixed issue related to Fusion. PET layer was rendered pixelated;
  • Fixed issue related to the Cobb angle. Fixed possibility to save it as a presentation state;
  • Fixed issue related with automated preloading, then the red loading bar was not refreshed;
  • Fixed issue related with functionality “Link scrolled image”;
  • Fixed issue related with “temp” directory cleaning;
  • Improved preparation via IAN messages;
  • Updated dependencies and 3rd party libraries (including Log4j update to a new v.2.17.0 version).

Known limitations:

  • Not possible to save KO for multi-frame CT/MR/MG/OTP/NM studies;
  • MedDream in IFrame is sometimes blocked by browsers security requirements;
  • URL integration does not support MultiStorage;
  • Internet Explorer 11 is not supported.

Known bugs:

  • Safari and Firefox problems: preview is not working for some video studies as browsers give errors.

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NOTE: MedDream v7.8.1 and later versions will be supported for critical and security fixes for 1 year period to ensure integrability, reliability and security.