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Release notes 8.0.0

MedDream DICOM Viewer v8.0.0 (2022-08-04)


  • New measurement – Rectangle;
  • New measurement – Vertebra Angle;
  • Improved Spine Labeling measurement: added Spinal balance measurement. Added option to mark pathological vertebrae T13 and L6. Selected action values by the user are saved in browser local storage and provided by default during the next Spine Labeling actions;
  • New functionality – possibility to apply color palette for monochrome DICOM images;
  • New functionality – MedDream DICOM print (need to install it, ask support team);
  • Possibility to set Patient name display format (FirstName, LastName positions) in system level configuration;
  • Selection of Modalities and Storage in the Search window is saved in browser storage;
  • Improved Fusion functionality – in addition to the PET series, MR and CT series may be used for fusion;
  • Improved functionality – Copy to clipboard and Secondary capture functionalities are available in Oblique MIST and Orthogonal reconstructions;
  • Improved functionality –  possibility to change default shortcuts, and shortcuts per user.  New shortcuts – “Home” for the first instance, “End” for the last instance in the series added in default shortcuts;
  • Showing the enhanced multi-frame instances as image series implemented for multi-frame in the series with more than one instance;
  • Improved MedDream DICOM Viewer Chrome browser extension for multi-monitors, added the possibility to specify the monitors for displaying Search and Viewing windows;
  • Oblique MIST – possibility to configure of hiding 3D view for all users in settings;
  • Added the possibility to create Orthogonal and Oblique MIST reconstructions for NM series;
  • New way of storing KO – STOW-RS support;
  • Improved Licencing – automatic license registration, if renewed in the license server;
  • Improved MedDream product documentation – Viewport API,  SendToPACS, PACS Premium;
  • Updated LiveShare window design;
  • Updated web browser versions support: Chrome 100+, Firefox 100+, Safari 14+, Microsoft Edge 100+;
  • Study preparation option to enable Video mode for the US, XA multi-frame review;
  • Updated dependencies and 3rd party libraries.

Known limitations:

  • MedDream in IFrame is sometimes blocked by browser security requirements;
  • URL integration does not support MultiStorage;
  • Internet Explorer 11 is not supported.

Known bugs:

  • Safari and Firefox problems: preview is not working for some video studies as browsers give errors;
  • Updated dependencies and 3rd party libraries.

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NOTE: MedDream v8.0.0 and later versions will be supported for critical and security fixes for 1 year period to ensure integrability, reliability, and security.