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Release notes 8.1.0

MedDream DICOM Viewer v8.1.0 (2023-01-25)


  • FDA clearance changed from K162011 to K222320: now MedDream is FDA cleared for diagnostic use including mammographic images K222320 (device class: 2);
  • New EULA;
  • Improved ABOUT window: added links to the new FDA clearance and used signs in the user manual;
  • Changes in MPR reconstructions: Oblique functionality is replaced by MIST Oblique functionality;
  • New measurement: Height Difference;
  • New functionality Segmentation tools: possibility to create Bounding Box, Free draw, Smart Paint segmentations, save them as RTSTRUCTs, and open and edit third-party created segmentations;
  • New functionality: Notification (success/info/warning/error) messages are temporarily displayed, and later can be viewed in a Notifications window;
  • New functionality: apply Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) mask for XA images;
  • New functionality: login restrictions, block users for a configured amount of minutes and attempts;
  • New functionality: Clear cache – possibility to remove the cached data of the currently viewed study, series, or instance in the viewer window;
  • New functionality: non-Dicom support on request;
  • Improved MPR Oblique MIST reconstructions: possibility to view MIST Axial, MIST Coronal, and MIST Sagittal reconstructions in separate viewports;
  • Improved Sync functionality: possibility to link (MR and CT) series automatically at the opening of a study without pressing the link icon;
  • Improved Scroll bar functionality: scroll bar configuration option created – additional modality or SOP classes allowed to configure, e.g. adding OT modality;
  • Improved Export functionality: Recently Exported – user can close the export window after starting export and download the created archive later;
  • Improved Open image functionality: with the right mouse button clicked image is opened in an empty or new viewport;
  • Improved Open image functionality: possibility to configure displaying of the latest Annotations (PR) when opening the image in the viewport;
  • Improved measurements functionality: Pin measurements – created the possibility to repeat measurements several times;
  • Improved Search window: possibility to filtering studies list in search by Report status (reported/not reported);
  • Improved access to Hanging protocols (HP) – two new buttons in the menu for accessing the next and previous HP;
  • Improved modal windows: added the possibility to change modal window height;
  • Improved mobile gesture support;
  • Improved Communication API: new event STUDY_LOADED after opening a study; added possibility to export via Communication API;
  • Fixed issue related to rectangle measurement when the image is rotated;
  • Fixed usage of shortcuts in an IFrame;
  • Updated hardware minimal requirements;
  • UserID can be configured in ATNA messages;
  • Updated dependencies and 3rd party libraries.

Known limitations:

  • For inverted instances, the Color palette will be applied according to the positive/negative color scheme;
  • URL integration does not support MultiStorage;
  • Internet Explorer 11 is not supported.

Known bugs:

  • Safari and Firefox problems: preview is not working for some video studies as browsers give errors.

Read more about 8.1.0 new features or try its ONLINE DEMO now!

Download the newest MedDream DICOM Viewer v8.1.0 version.

Linux users: for upgrading to the newest version, please follow the link: Upgrading to MedDream v8.1.0 for (Linux) or read Installation & Service Manual page no 125.

Windows users: for upgrading to the newest version, please follow the link: Upgrading to MedDream v8.1.0 for (Windows) or read Installation & Service Manual page no 127.

NOTE: MedDream v8.1.0 and later versions will be supported for critical and security fixes for 1 year period to ensure integrability, reliability, and security.