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Customization Features

The MedDream DICOM Viewer has these customization features:

icon Theme
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Toolbar > Theme. Possibility to change the default color (red) to the blue color that is clearly visible on a black and a white monitors.

Whatch video tutorial demonstrating how to change theme color of MedDream DICOM Viewer: 

icon Thumbnail view
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Toolbar > Thumbnails.  One thumbnail per CT/MR/PET series is shown. If study contains annotations additional icons of KO, PR or Segments are shown next to the instance/series thumbnail. Possibility to configure all thumbnails for the series to be shown.

Study Description Dicom Viewer

  • Study description. Possibility to add Study description to the thumbnails.
  • One thumbnail and icons of KO, PR or Segments next to it. Showing one thumbnail of the instance/series. If study contains annotations and additional icons of KO, PR or Segments are shown next to it.

icon Silent Preload
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Silent Preload. Optional CT/MR/PET series instances preloading on dragging thumbnail to viewport if configured to use one thumbnail:

Silent Preload In Ct Mr Pet Series Dicom Viewer Web

To automatically start series images preload while CT/MR/PT series are opening, use Activate CT/MR/PT series preload option:

Activate In Ct Mr Pet Series Preload Dicom Viewer Web

Possibility to turn off the Silent Preload functionality.

White label product
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White label product. Possibility for OEMs and medical vendors to rebrand the Viewer by customizing: logotype, product name, color scheme, contact details. Read more about DICOM Viewer rebranding possibility for vendors and OEMs: here.

Read more about Softneta medical imaging solutions for medical software vendors and OEMs.

Language support
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Language support. Default languages: English, Lithuanian, Russian:

Meddream Dicom Viewer Language Switcher

Possibility to support more languages by request.


Dialog windows
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Possibility to resize and drag dialog windows:

Dialog Windows Dicom Viewer