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Regular Features

The MedDream DICOM Viewer has an extensive radiology tool set, which includes regular features such as:

icon Windowing
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Toolbar > Windowing. Windowing button is used to adjust image contrast and brightness (Level and Window values).

Toolbar > Windowing > Click the red triangle on the right of the button to select Windowing from a list of available Window Width/Level presets.

Windowing Dicom Viewer

Possibility to activate Sync Windowing for same series and Color Palette Selection.

Sync Windowing for same series: optional same series windowing synchronization. Windowing/Levelling changing for one instance from the same series in viewport. Read more about optional Sync Windowing for same series feature.

Color Palette Selection: possibility to apply color palette for monochrome DICOM images. Read more about Color Palette Selection feature.


icon Pan
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Toolbar > Pan. Pan button allows you to position images within the pane.

You can change the image position using the mouse or alignment option from menu:

Meddream Dicom Viewer Pan

This feature is especially useful when the image is larger than the pane, as it usually is after zooming in.

icon Zoom
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Toolbar > Zoom. Zoom button allows you to enlarge or reduce the image size. You can change the image size using the mouse or choose more zooming options from menu.

Dynamic Zoom Selection Dicom Viewer

One of them is Zoom Selection. Manual dynamic zooming the selected area.

Select the area to zoom:

Zoom Selection Dicom Viewer

Selected area is zoomed:

Dynamic Zoom Dicom Viewer

icon Scroll
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Toolbar > Scroll. Scroll tool enables easy image scrolling. You can scroll the series images by scrolling the mouse wheel in the desired direction or change the active series using button’s drop-down menu.

For example Silent Preload feature: Optional CT/MR/PET series instances preloading on dragging thumbnail to viewport if configured to use one thumbnail:

Scroll Activate Preload Dicom Viewer

Read more about optional Silent Preload feature.

icon Rotate/Flip
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Toolbar > Rotate. Rotate button allows you to rotate and flip the image.

You can rotate the image using the mouse or rotate option from menu:

Meddream Dicom Viewer Rotate

icon Magnifier
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Toolbar > Magnifier. Magnifier button is used to magnify (enlarge) a certain area of the image:

Meddream Dicom Viewer Magnifier