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Opening Studies Patient History
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Search of Studies

The Search menu will help you quickly find the studies you need. We recommend using all possible search menu options in order to get the most accurate search results and save your time. Search parameters are accessible from Search window that is opened after the successful login.

Meddream Dicom Viewer Search
Search for studies according the search criteria listed below by entering the text in the entry field:

  • ID – enter patient’s ID number;
  • Name – enter the patient’s name or surname;
  • Accession – enter the study accession number;
  • Modality – enter the method which was used to obtain the study images;
  • Description – enter a few keywords from the study description;
  • Source AE – enter title of the device from where the study was sent to the PACS.

Search for studies also can be done by: date, modalities, particular storage. Search results can be sorted by arranging them in ascending (increasing) or descending (decreasing) order.

Watch video tutorial demonstrating the different ways to search studies on MedDream WEB DICOM Viewer: