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DICOM Viewer Features

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The manipulations are allowed in one active viewport at a time. At the right side of the viewport a scroll bar is shown. A scroll cursor is scrolled respectively to the position of the active image in the series. At the bottom of the scroll bar the total number of images in the series and the number of the active image are shown. Dragging the cursor along the scroll bar scrolls through the images of the series. Clicking on scroll bar displays the image corresponding to the scroll position.

Active Viewport Buttons On Web Dicom Viewer

Quick access to additional data
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If series, that is viewed in the viewport, contains images with additional data, the controls for quick access to additional data are displayed in the viewport:

To access the images with additional data and additional data, use quick access controls as described below:

  • Scrollbar. If scrollbar is displayed, marks on scrollbar indicates the place of images with additional data within series. Click on marked place of the scrollbar to open the image with additional data;
  • Chevron button. Use up-pointing chevron button, and down-pointing chevron button to navigate through the images with additional data in currently viewed series;
  • Key objects. Use Key object button to view the series Key objects and to set the Key object filter (see Key Objects for more details). Key object button is grayed and inactive, if currently displayed image does not belong to any Key object;
  • Annotations. Use Annotation button to view and to open the saved annotation (see Annotations for more details). Annotation button is grayed and inactive, if currently displayed image hasn’t any saved presentation state;
  • Other buttons if specific feature is activated for example Simultaneous scrolling the button appears in Quick access zone of the viewport the right.