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DICOM Print support

Watch the technical training’s video recording:

TECHNICAL TRAINING video: MedDream & DICOM Print support. 2024-05-28

Agenda of the technical training:

  • MedDream DICOM Print possibilities;
  • MedDream and external links plugin;
  • PACS integration for DICOM Print: MedDream PACS Premium, MedDream PACS Lite, dcm4chee v5 PACS;
  • Demonstration of MedDream DICOM Print support;
  • Q&A.


Speaker: Marius Šadauskas, System Integrator at Softneta.
Moderator: Renata Kalniūnienė, Marketing Project Manager at Softneta.

During the webinar, these questions from the attendees were answered:

– Can MedDream be integrated with dcm4chee on a Synology server?

– Does the external link plugin could be linked with the current language? In order to translate content and customize URLs relative to language? Answer: at the moment, only English language is available.

– And what about the rebranding? Isn’t there a way to inherit this option? On the other hand, we have this option enabled, but users would like to print directly from MedDream and not from an additional application. More steps mean more time invested per patient.

– What about PDF file with instructions about this process?

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