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New features v8.3.0

Watch the video tutorial:

Video tutorial demonstrating new features of MedDream DICOM Viewer 8.3.0 release.

The most important new features are described below:

– 4×4 Screen Layout. Added new layout 4×4 selection;
– Smart preload of instances in viewport (configurable);
– Time-intensity curve;
– Splitting into 2 Panels. Possibility to split viewports into 2 panels;
– Comparison study. The comparison study’s DATE is highlighted in the gray color;
– 4D Tools: Construct 4D series, 4D slider bar;
– Align & Lock: aligning Labels and controls;
– Segmentation. Interpolation.
New measurements:
– Closed Polygon and Repulsor tools;
– Copy measurement values.
– Cine, Video, and Multi-frame control bars;
– MIST MPR functionality. Possibility to Rotate and Flip reconstructions;
– Thumbnails:
    – Study description;
    – One thumbnail and icons of KO, PR or Segments next to it.
– Thumbnail bar;
– Histogram. Added Y-axis zooming;
– Clear cache;
– Communication API. Added features:
    – Create MPR;
    – Get metadata;
    – Set extra labels in the viewport for series;
    – Get and set Closed Polygon measurement.
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