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New release 8.2.0

Watch the webinar’s video recording:

ONLINE WEBINAR: What’s new in MedDream v8.2.0? 2023-06-06

Agenda of the webinar:

  • New release v8.2.0 features presentation;
  • MedDream news: short overview and future vision;
  • Most important features demonstration;
  • Answering questions from registrants.


Speaker: Vytautas Baublys, CEO & co-founder of Softneta.
Moderator: Renata Kalniūnienė, Marketing Project Manager at Softneta.

During the webinar, these questions from the attendees were answered:

– Are there plans to integrate with Amazon HealthLake?
– How to share patient images?
– Elaborate Segmentation features. Video tutorial:
– I’d like to learn more about the DICOM annotation (RTSTRUCT) as a tool to create annotations such as bounding boxes for machine learning applications.
– How can we implement the MedDream PACS in the web-based Ph.D. platform for Vets?
Our needs:
• Installation on our servers;
• Management of DICOM and other image and video files;
• Opening of images and videos directly from the PHD-platform; the master ID is the Chip number of the animal;
• Encrypted sending of images and videos from the PACS of Vet practices and clinics to the PHD PACS;
• Management and Recieve of images/videos taken with Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops when logged in to the PHD- and PHBooklet platform.
• Encrypted Send of images and videos from the PHD-PACS to Vet practices and clinics;
• Screen-Sharing and online Call function;
• Creation of learning archives with anonymized cases.
– RIS system with French support in UI also PACS in French version user interface.
– I’d love to see a demo with the Montage functionality.
– Are there any RIS / burning CDs Solutions with French language support.
– That can be added to your MedDream PACS Software.
– Which dcm4chee database versions are supported by 8.2.0?
– Can job boards be created for radiologists?
– Will the dated and named annotations be visible in another viewer in a PR (Presentation State) format if we need to transfer a patient from our clinic to the hospital that uses a different PACS than ours or should we use a captured viewport instead?
– When the report is being made, it has autosave?
– Can you still use the pan & zoom function when images are aligned using the auto-alignment tool?
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