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New release 8.4.0

Watch the webinar’s video recording:

ONLINE WEBINAR: What’s new in MedDream v8.4.0? 2024-04-23

Agenda of the webinar:

  • New release v8.4.0 features presentation;
  • MedDream news: short overview and future vision;
  • Most important new features demonstration;
  • Answering the questions of attendees.


Speaker: Vytautas Baublys, CEO & co-founder of Softneta.
Moderator: Renata Kalniūnienė, Marketing Project Manager at Softneta.

During the webinar, these questions from the attendees were answered:

– Is it possible to configure a local folder to save the reports?
– Is automatic marking or enumeration of column vertebrae possible?
– I am a radiologist, and I am currently teaching general practitioners in Switzerland online training courses in conventional radiology using workstation. I am looking for a DICOM viewer that I can integrate into my website. The aim is to create different groups of case studies with which family doctors can test their knowledge. I personally grant access to the various case groups. Do you perhaps have software that can be used to create quizzes on the various case studies?
– Hanging Protocols: how does a radiologist adjust them on the fly if needed? How do they change default ones to their liking and save them?
– I won’t be attending as I live on the West Coast. Will there be a recording I can view? All the recordings of webinars or technical trainings, video tutorials you can find on our Youtube channel  or on our website in Webinars & Technical Trainings Archive section.
– Is it possible to get the presentation (pdf format for instance) to communicate to our final users the incoming new features?
– I’ve seen a new Panel notion in MedDream 8.4.0 available in the toolbar. What is the difference between panels, multi-image layout and layouts?
– I’ve also seen a Spin functionality in the toolbar. I don’t know if it will be shown but I would like to know a little more about this.
– Does Live Share also include measurements loaded by the main user from a saved presentation state?
– Which mammo CAD systems have been tested with MedDream? Answer: iCAD and R2 ImageChecker Cenova CAD system.
– For the alignment of the DICOM Overlay text, is it possible to have this set as part of the hanging protocol so that the user does not have to manually click to move text away from the images?
– Is it possible to sync the Crosshair of the current MPR study with the comparison MPR study?
– If, for example, a patient have two mammography studies, one recent and one older study. Is possible to open both studies and do comparison of the two studies?
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