Modification History of MedDream SendToPACS
Version number
Release date

New features:

- Requested Procedure Description and Scheduled Procedure Step Description fields are added from worklist;

- Station AE and the Modality values can be specified and saved later.


- Importing zipped DICOM files;

- Changed mechanism of AVI files converting;

- New design for About window.

New features:

- Image to DICOM feature. Convert BMP, PNG, TIF, JPG images and send to PACS;

- Video to DICOM feature. Convert AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, H264, MKV, FLV video files and send to PACS;

- Possibility to update patient information in DICOM files before sending to PACS;

- Possibility to add additional information field (additional custom DICOM tag) to image;

- Possibility to configure only Worklist usage for non-DICOM studies;

- Possibility to configure Institution name (tag (0008,0080)) and Station name (tag (0008,1010))  and use it in DICOM files;

- Possibility to set files filter (set custom file extension in application properties file);

- Detailed information about files to be converted: image preview, image info view, DICOM info and DICOM tags view, DICOM pixel data extraction;

- Archive file’s support. Automatically extract archive: ZIP. Supports 7z, ISO archives, but requires install 7-Zip software;

- Automatic DICOM files recognition (exclude DICOMDIR and unknown files);

- Supported patient information: patient ID, full patient name (alphabetic, ideographic and phonetic), birthdate and gender;

- Supported study information: study UID, study ID, date, time, accession number, description, series number, modality and character set;

- Possibility to specify character encoding: supported all extended character sets defined in the DICOM standard;

- Allows append existing study with new files (select study and patient information from scanned DICOM files).