NEW RELEASE: MedDream v8.3.0!




MedDream Dicom Viewer 8.3.0

The new 8.3.0 version of MedDream is released!

Watch video tutorial demonstrating new features of MedDream DICOM Viewer 8.3.0 release:

The most important new features, measurements, and improvements are described below. 

New features of viewing functionality:

  • 4×4 Screen Layout. Added new layout selection – 4×4:

4x4 Layout Dicom Viewer

  • Smart preload of instances in viewport (configurable). For faster scrolling 10 instances are automatically preloaded forwards and backwards. So the user can smoothly scroll through series in both directions.
  • Time-intensity curve. The measurement allows for visualization of the lesions’ behavior by plotting the ROI intensity values over time after the administration of contrast material:

Time Velocity dicom viewer

  • Splitting into 2 Panels. Possibility to split viewports into 2 panels:

Splitting Viewports Into 2 Panels Dicom Viewer

Options to expand the images to panels:

  • Double click on image: expand to the active (left/right) panel.
  • Alt + Double click on image: expand to the opposite panel.
  • Double click between 2 images: expand both images.
  • Double click on the crossing of 4 images: expand four images.
  • Double click on expanded image: switch back to original size.

Configurable in user Settings:

split into 2 panels dicom viewer

  • Comparison study. The comparison study’s DATE is highlighted in the gray color.

Comparison Study Dicom Viewer

The additional label and date highlighting for comparison studies may be configured in system settings:

Comparison Study Settings Dicom Viewer

  • 4D Tools. Construct 4D series. The tool is used to create a virtual series from the study series, where the data are sorted in space and then in time.

Construct 4D Series Menu

The tool can be used for both multi-series merging and single-series processing:

Construct 4D Series Dicom Viewer

  • 4D Tools. 4D slider bar. For steering time points in studies that have time parameters:

4D Series Slide Bar Dicom Viewer

Possibility to Hide/show 4D slider bar:

  • Align & Lock: aligning Labels and controls. If Align & Lock is activated, labels and buttons are moved to opposite side:

Align And Lock Labels In Dicom Viewer

  • Segmentation. Interpolation. 

dicom viewer Segmentation Interpolation

The tool provides the ability to automatically fill intermediate images with segments between two, three or more user segmented images:

dicom viewer Segmentation Interpolation

New measurements:

  • Closed Polygon and Repulsor tools:
    • Closed Polygon: the ROI with curved lines.
    • Repulsor tool: to adjust Closed Polygon.

Draw Closed Polygon:

Closed Polygon Dicom Viewer

Select Closed Polygon:

Edit with Repulsor tool:  

  • Copy measurement values. Possibility to copy measurements values to the clipboard:

Copy Measurement Values To Clipboard Dicom Viewer

The values are copied: “Mean: 268.37 HU  SD: 91.57 HU  Sum: 748217.00 HU Min: -251.00 HU  Max: 457.00 HU Area: 22.77 cm² (W: 6.17 cm H: 3.69 cm)”.


  • Cine, Video, and Multi-frame control bars. New design of Cine, Video, and Multi-frame control bars:

Cine Video Multiframe Bar Dicom Viewer

  • MIST MPR functionality. Possibility to Rotate and Flip reconstructions.

MIST MPR Functionality Dicom Viewer

  • Thumbnails:
    • Study description. Possibility to add Study description to the thumbnails.
    • One thumbnail and icons of KO, PR or Segments next to it. Showing one thumbnail of the instance/series. If study contains annotations and additional icons of KO, PR or Segments are shown next to it.

Study Description Dicom Viewer

  • Thumbnail bar. Possibility to set which study to expand the First or the Last if study is opened by token integration:

Thumbnail Bar Dicom Viewer

  • Histogram. Added Y-axis zooming:

Histogram Dicom Viewer

  • Clear cache. Possibility to remove the plugin cache, including MedDream-created study, series or instance cache:

Clear Cache Dicom Viewer

  • Communication API. Added features:
    • Create MPR;
    • Get metadata;
    • Set extra labels in the viewport for series;
    • Get and set Closed Polygon measurement.

Read more about MedDream DICOM Viewer Communication API in Integration Guide page.

Find all the new features and enhancements of MedDream DICOM Viewer’s new release 8.3.0.

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For upgrading to the newest version, please follow the link: Upgrading to MedDream v8.3.0 for (Linux) or read Installation & Service Manual page no 146.
For upgrading to the newest version, please follow the link: Upgrading to MedDream v8.3.0 for (Windows) or read Installation & Service Manual page no 148.

For all modification history and more detailed information, please follow the link: Release Notes.

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