NEW RELEASE: MedDream v8.4.0!




MedDream Dicom Viewer New Release V8.4.0

The new 8.4.0 version of MedDream is released!

The most important new features, measurements, and improvements are described below. 

New features of viewing functionality:

  • CAD marks. Displaying CAD SR findings on mammography images. Possibility to show/hide:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Cad Marks

Indicating the CAD findings in Info Labels:

      • the number of each type in the image;
      • the number in the image;
      • the total number in the series.
  • DICOM Overlay. Showing DICOM Overlay in GUI. Possibility to enable/disable:

MedDream Dicom Viewer DICOM Overlay

  • Curved MPR. Curved Planar Reconstruction (CPR) feature:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Curved MPR

  • Lossy compression. Displaying the compression type and ratio for lossy compression images:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Lossy Compresion


  • MIST Oblique. Possibility to set MIP thickness values up to 600 mm in created reconstructions:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Mist Oblique

  • Fusion. Possibility to use Fusion tools in MIST Oblique. Set Transparency level and use Color palette:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Fusion

  • Zoom. Zooming is mirrored when Align&Lock Left/Right is activated.

Align&Lock is activated vs. Align&Lock is not activated:

Zooming was mirrored vs. Zooming was not mirrored:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Zoom Mirrored

  • Crosshair. Works between 2D views and MIST Axial, Coronal, Sagittal reconstructions:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Crosshair

  • Advanced PET Fusion. Opening multiple PET reconstructions:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Advanced Pet Fusion

Spin – rotating the Sagittal or Coronal reconstructions around the X axis. Possibility to Auto Spin Forward or Backward:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Spin

  • Montage.
    • Shortcut can be assigned.
    • Patient ID, Name, and Study Date are shown.
    • Comparison study is highlighted.
    • Window can be minimized.

Montage window can be minimized:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Montage Min

  • KO/PR saving. User information, selecting description from the list (configurable):

Select description from the list or create new:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Ko Pr Saving

Add the entry in Description row of Presentation state properties section on Viewer Settings tab:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Settings

  • Hanging Protocols v2. Possibility to start MIST Oblique for the series automatically and to set the matching series number in the series conditions:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Hanging Protocol V2

New measurements:

  • Horizontal line. Horizontal tool for NM modality studies:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Horizontal Line

  • Flexpoly and Area. Statistical information (Mean, SD, Sum, Min, Max, Area) is shown as in the Ellipse measurement:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Flexpoly Area

Select Enable in Area and Flexpoly intensity values calculation row of Measurements section on Viewer Settings tab:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Settings Measure

Integration via API:

  • Communication API. Added features:
    • Get DICOM tags and show in the viewport;
    • Get Hanging Protocols list and set them.
  • Viewport API. Added features:
    • Refactored the functionality;
    • Set created annotations as read-only, change color;
    • Get Patient’s Date of Birth.

Read more about MedDream DICOM Viewer Communication API in Integration Guide page.


  • MedDream | SendToPACS functionality design update:

SendToPACS now has modern, user-friendly design based on the MedDream user interface! SendToPACS – desktop application.

MedDream Dicom Viewer Sendtopacs

  • New certification: ISO/IEC 27001:2022.

Softneta management system is certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2022 standard. Read more about Softneta receiving the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification here.

Find all the new features and enhancements of MedDream DICOM Viewer’s new release 8.4.0.

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MedDream | DICOM Viewer functionality v8.4.0:

Linux users: Windows users:
For upgrading to the newest version, please follow the link: Upgrading to MedDream v8.4.0 for (Linux) or read Installation & Service Manual page no 154.
For upgrading to the newest version, please follow the link: Upgrading to MedDream v8.4.0 for (Windows) or read Installation & Service Manual page no 156.

For all modification history and more detailed information, please follow the link: Release Notes.

MedDream | PACS functionality:

MedDream | VideoStation functionality:

MedDream | SendToPACS functionality:

To use the MedDream 8.4.0 version, your current license must have updates, to purchase updates please contact us at:

MedDream releases are maintained for 1 year period from the release date.


Purchased updates*Purchased updatesPurchased updatesPurchased updatesUpdates not purchased
Right to get newest updates and improvements





Patient health critical and security critical fixes





Legal to use for medical diagnostic





Validity of certifications





Up-to-date security fixes





Up-to-date integrability and stability





*Purchased updates: the right to get newest updates and improvements.

Possible installed version scenarios:

Newest version: updates are purchased and the newest MedDream version is used.

Supported version: updates are purchased and a MedDream version that is not the newest but not older than 1 year from the release date is used.

Unsupported version: updates are purchased but a MedDream version which is older than 1 year from the release date is used.

Unsupported version (without updates): updates are not purchased and a MedDream version which is older than 1 year from the release date is used.