ONLINE WEBINAR’s video: Integrating MedDream Viewer with Azure Health Data Services




Meddream By Softneta And Microsoft Azure Dicom Service Integration Webinar

ONLINE WEBINAR: ‘Integrating MedDream Viewer with Azure Health Data Services’

April 6th | 6:00 PM EEST| Webinars in Microsoft Teams | REGISTER

Watch the webinar’s video recording:

In this online webinar, attendees will see MedDream in action and learn to install and configure the MedDream Viewer on Docker for Azure Health Data Service. Also, a simulated hospital network environment with DICOM service and the MedDream Viewer will be demonstrated, as well as the workflow with PACS, DICOM service, and the MedDream Viewer. To see how easy it is to deploy and integrate MedDream with Azure Health Data Services, register for the webinar and ask your questions to the speakers in the registration form.


  • MedDream Viewer for Azure Health Data Service;
  • Installing and configuring of MedDream Viewer Docker for Azure Health Data Service;
  • Demonstrating of simulated hospital network environment with DICOM service and MedDream Viewer;
  • Workflow with PACS, DICOM service, and MedDream Viewer;
  • Answering the questions of attendees.
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Marius Šadauskas

System Integrator at Softneta

Experienced in the deployment of Softneta products, implementing the integration of Softneta’s products with different client systems, assisting and training clients on how to integrate MedDream DICOM Viewer.

Matt Mitrik Microsoft Speaker:

Matthew Mitrik

Principal Program Manager Health Data + AI at Microsoft

Seasoned product manager with extensive experience in the tech industry. He has worked for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Microsoft and GitHub, where he played a crucial role in shaping the direction of several product offerings.

Most recently, Matthew has been leading the product development of the Azure Health Data Services DICOM service, working to meet the medical imaging needs of healthcare companies in the midst of a cloud transformation.

Guest speakers:

John F Kalafut, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO of Asher Orion Group

As Co-Founder & CEO of Asher Orion Group, John F Kalafut, PhD advises innovators, vendors, and healthcare systems in regulated Digital Health. His deep clinical research roots combined with his expansive commercial experience gives him a unique understanding of medical imaging and informatics.

Asher Orion Group is Softneta‘s North American Sales and Support Representative helping companies and healthcare systems configure, deploy, and optimize the MedDream viewer in their solutions.

Webinar’s guest:

Artūras Gruodis

Chief Integration Officer at Softneta

An excellent track record of strategy development and implementation, P&L management, process management, people management, sales, innovation and on-time delivery.

Webinar’s moderator: 

Renata Kalniūnienė

Marketing Project Manager at Softneta

Experienced in project management, marketing communication campaigns management, graphic design, creative project management, brand development, website creation, and development management, digital marketing, online communication, and marketing budgeting.


This webinar will highlight how the MedDream Viewer can complement the Azure DICOM services and help your clients develop a performant, extensible and regulatory-ready solution. Come learn about new application possibilities, best practices for integrating the viewer into an existing or new project, and some success stories!

Online webinar is free of charge, but registration is needed.

Date: April 6th | (Thursday) | 6:00 PM EEST
Duration: ~ 1 h
Registration: To register and ask questions click here: REGISTRATION.
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