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MedDream Cardiology (ECG)

Search, view and analyze the ECG data

Cardiology (ECG) module provides not only standard image manipulation tools, but also a way to read, manipulate and interpret electrocardiography (ECG / EKG) data. ECG module with additional tools supports: Philips XML ECG, SCP ECG, FDA XML.

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Cardiology (ECG) module features:


ECG manipulation tools allows to zoom, measure and quantify the ECG data:

  • Area calculation indicating beats per minute, time, millivolt (mV, s, bpm);
  • QT interval - by marking the Q, T and the next Q positions on the ECG the RR interval is calculated as well as QT and the QTc (based on Bazett’s formula);
  • Measure heart rate (HR) and compare its interval variance over the ECG;
  • Measure the QRS electrical heart axis;
  • Review ultrasound (US) machine generated report;
  • Comparison of 2 or more ECGs by normalizing and then overlaying them on one another;
  • ECG comparison. Up to 9 ECG`s may be opened at once;
  • Innovative zoom model. Zooming like in PDF;
  • Pan. The pan function enables you to reposition the focus on different areas of ECG;
  • Information about automatic calculated ECG data is displayed by clicking one button;
  • Integration to HIS. Flexible and open integration interface;
  • Study forwarding;
  • Multi-language support.

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Supported ECG devices:


  • Mortara 12 lead DICOM ECG (Little Endian);
  • Customed 12 lead DICOM ECG (Little Endian);
  • Schiller 12 lead DICOM ECG (Little Endian);
  • GE 12 lead DICOM ECG (Little Endian);
  • or other 12 lead DICOM ECG (Little Endian);
  • or devices that in conjunction with a gateway can provide such data.

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