3D objects scanning


3D objects scanning, visualization and image created by VisualXe exporting for common consumers and 3D printing use

A see-through object scanner for common consumers and 3D printing use


the purpose of VisualiXe

3D object scanner VisualiXe, providing 3D object visualization and exporting 3D scanner data to a standard 3D printer format, enabling direct 3D image printing. In collaboration with Norwegian company sharpXview, a mini home tomograph is being developed that will allow you to safely scan items at home and store them instantly in a 3D model. Cgtrader, a 3D imaging portal, contributes to project development and analysis.

Mini tomograph that lets scanning items safely in the home environment and store them instantly in a 3D model:

3D Scanner Mini Real Picture

software features

VisualiXe software features:

Computed tomography (CT) images are stored in 2D format:

2D Konvertavimas

In order to obtain a 3D image from a flat 2D image, right-click on the flat image and select Segmentation from the expanded menu:

2D Konvertavimas Funkcijos

The Viewer tools for basic image management:

An object segmentation toolbar is provided along with the volume view to perform object segmentation. It consists of these tools:

Mapping a segmented cup:

3D segmentavimas

3D reconstruction of the segment object surface:

Visualixe 3D Object Segmentation

VisualiXe stores the polygon data of reconstructed objects in STL (Standard Triangle Language) format. Saving the 3D model to a file is done by pressing the Export stl button.