DICOM anonymization FOR

Education & Research

Web visualization solutions for medical education and research, when DICOM anonymization or sharing service, web DICOM Viewer or non-DICOM files converter is needed.

DICOM anonymization and web DICOM Viewer solutions are ready to integrate, easy to use and financially flexible.



  • Prompt study loading: no need for a powerful server;
  • Flexible licensing model;
  • Support all types of studies;
  • Flexibility;

  • Multi-PACS support;
  • Vendor neutral viewer;
  • Custom development;
  • Try before you buy.


MedDream Dicom Viewer Ready To Integrate


MedDream is a perfect solution when there is a need for DICOM anonymization and sharing service, web DICOM Viewer, non-DICOM files converter or DICOM Library for education and research purposes. Our medical imaging solutions are ready to integrate into the existing infrastructure with rebranding possibility.

DICOM anonymization and WEB DICOM Viewer solutions for medical educational institutions, such as:

Read more about web visualization solutions in the file: MedDream Solutions.

DICOM Library by Softneta

DICOM Library is a free online medical DICOM images, signals, video files sharing and anonymization service for educational, research and scientific purposes. DICOM Library allows the users to upload, view and share anonymized DICOM files online easily, as well as to delete them from the DICOM library. What is more, the users may share the link with the study in forums, social networks or just send them by e-mail. This possibility creates prompt online communication between medical professionals. Also, as library, this portal contains main DICOM data lists, as: Transfer Syntaxes, SOPs (A Service-Object Pair Class), Modalities, Tags and Space storage calculator. Upload your study on DICOM Library and try MedDream DICOM Viewer online for free:

Upload Your Dicom Study

DICOM Library, as medical knowledge exchange portal, is intended for medical professionals, such as radiologists, cardiologists, physicians and other specialists, as well as medical professors and students, to analyze and manipulate medical data and share anonymized DICOM studies among colleagues or even get medical professionals’ second opinion from all over the world. Watch video tutorial and find out how easy and quick you can anonymize DICOM files, view them and share in one online portal:


All DICOM files are anonymized before they are uploaded into the DICOM library, therefore, no personal information about the patient or the doctor is revealed. Moreover, the users can use the provided DICOM Library’s links of the anonymized DICOM studies, share them with colleagues, get second opinion about the case or simply download them.


In case there is a need to anonymize, view, archive DICOM studies and share them among hospital’s doctors, departments or medical students, DICOM Library functionalities could be adapted as internal Scientific DICOM Archive. This solution allows the same functionality as public DICOM Library, but with sharing studies quickly and safely inside closed community. Also, Scientific Archive could be very useful for educational, research and scientific purposes, when medical professors can use anonymized DICOM studies to present case studies to the students, in medical conferences, etc. Read more about DICOM Library.

For more information about medical imaging solutions, integration possibilities into existing infrastructure, etc., please contact us at: info@softneta.com.