AI & CAD Vendors

Web visualization solutions for medical artificial intelligence & computer-aided diagnosis, radiology AI vendors who need to provide data access.

Web-based DICOM Viewer and medical imaging solutions, which are open to medical artificial intelligence, ready to integrate and financially flexible.



Working on existing infrastructure and bandwidth:

  • Open to radiology AI, medical artificial intelligence
  • Vendor neutral DICOM Viewer
  • Html5 zero-footprint WEB DICOM viewer
  • Cost effective certified solution
  • Flexible licensing model
  • Online DEMO. Try before you buy
  • Open source friendly solution
  • Client-side rendering and streaming
  • Cross-platform
  • Ready for National System
  • Ready for Cloud
  • Multi PACS support

Access from anywhere and any device:

  • Universal enterprise viewer (cross-department data support)
  • Web technology
  • Responsive design (desktop and mobile device support)
  • Simple to use, simple GUI
  • One view for all data
  • Supports all types of studies

Extended functionality:

  • Integrations, API friendly
  • Custom GUI
  • White label product with OEMs’ branding possibility
  • Custom development
  • Configurable links to external systems


MedDream Dicom Viewer Ready To Integrate


MedDream is an open to medical artificial intelligence (AI) and computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) white label product with OEMs’ branding possibility. MedDream is a certified DICOM Viewer with the necessary connectivity, customization and access to data. Our medical imaging solutions provide access to data for medical AI diagnostics and push them from/to any infrastructure.

Softneta is a certified technology partner enabling web access to data for medical algorithms and decision support systems vendors. Focusing on the OEMs’ needs, our solutions are fully integrated into the vendor’s business model and workflow. Softneta provides web visualization solutions for medical artificial intelligence diagnostics and computer-aided diagnosis vendors and possibilities to integrate medical AI algorithms and plugins into thousands of installations worldwide. Read more about web visualization solutions by downloading the MedDream leaflet.

For more information about medical imaging solutions, integration possibilities into existing infrastructure, etc., please contact us at: