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DICOM Conformance Statement is intended for the MedDream DICOM Viewer potential users and system integrators of medical equipment.

DICOM, by itself, does not guarantee interoperability. However, the Conformance Statement facilitates a first level validation for interoperability between different applications supporting the same DICOM functionality. This Conformance Statement is not intended to replace validation with other DICOM equipment to ensure proper exchange of information intended. The scope of this Conformance Statement is to facilitate communication with other vendors’ medical equipment. The Conformance Statement should be read and understood in conjunction with the DICOM Standard. However, by itself it is not guaranteed to ensure the desired interoperability and successful interconnectivity with existing DICOM systems.

The user should be aware of the following important issues:

  • Test procedures should be defined to validate the desired level of connectivity.
  • The DICOM standard will evolve to meet the users’ future requirements.

This information is not a full DICOM Conformance Statement. Read full DICOM Conformance Statement document.

DICOM Conformance Statement page is being filled with the information, for full information please read DICOM Conformance Statement document.