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MedDream DICOM Viewer

Search, view and analyze medical images

MedDream is a web based DICOM Viewer for PACS server that is aimed to make diagnosis, view, archive and transmit the medical images. The DICOM Viewer can be integrated to any PACS system including MedDream PACS, PacsOne, dcm4chee, Conquest, etc.

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MedDream features


MedDream DICOM Viewer has a rich radiology tool set, which includes regular tools as: zoom, pan, windowing, magnifier, measuring and advanced tools:

  • Draw and measure the length of a line;
  • Show all the angles between intersecting lines;
  • Draw and measure an angle;
  • Draw and measure the length of a polyline;
  • Mark area of interest with a polyline and measure its area;
  • Draw and measure Cobb angle;
  • Calculate standard deviation and mean in Hounsfield units;
  • Measure Hounsfield units at a specific point of a CT study;
  • Display of reference lines (Scout Lines);
  • Cine playback of multi - frame sequences with video seeking support;
  • Simultaneous playback of up - to 9 DICOM video files;
  • Comfortable bar of series preview with thumbnails;
  • Tracking of image orientation, when manipulating the study with the transformation tools;
  • Multi - planar reconstruction (MPR);
  • DICOM ECG supported;
  • Integration to HIS. Flexible and open integration interface (MedDream can be integrated in any medical application);
  • Study forwarding;
  • Multi-language support.

Download MedDream DICOM Viewer brochure


  • FDA Cleared for diagnostic use.
  • CE class I declaration of conformity.
  • CE class II declaration of conformity.

  • MedDream DICOM Viewer supports the following DICOM files and formats:


    Implicit Little Endian, Explicit Little Endian, JPEG, JPEG-LS, JPEG 2000, RLE, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 Transfer Syntaxes:

    • C-FIND, C-GET and C-MOVE functions;
    • DICOM ECG file support;
    • DICOM MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 Video playback support;
    • DICOM Study forwarding to pre-defined DICOM partners;
    • Saving studies locally in DICOM, JPEG, TIFF and videos in MP4;
    • Exporting studies to DICOM portable format.

    HIS/RIS/EMR Integration:

    HIS RIS integration scheme


    • Integration to HIS. Flexible and open integration interface (MedDream PACS can be integrated in any medical application);
    • Multi-language support.

    Online demonstration of integration methods:

    Available versions


    • MedDream DICOM Viewer for MedDream PACS;
    • MedDream DICOM Viewer for PacsOne PACS server;
    • MedDream DICOM Viewer for dcm4chee PACS server;
    • MedDream DICOM Viewer for Conquest DICOM software;
    • MedDream DICOM Viewer for PACS supporting WADO;
    • MedDream can be adapted for your PACS or other DICOM system.






    License Options:


    Multiplanar reconstruction (MPR)

    Image tools

    (zoom, pan, windowing, magnifier)

    Study forwarding


    (Cine playback of multi-frame sequences)

    Price and Payment

    CD/DVD Export as ISO file

    ECG module (Cardiology) (more info)

    Cross-platform compatible

    Integration to
    EMR/HIS/RIS by URL links

    Study Delete, Auto Purge

    Reference (Scout) lines


    5, 10, 20... etc.


    5, 10, 20... etc.


    5, 10, 20... etc.


    5, 10, 20... etc.

    Report module (more info)

    Video module (more info)

    Free Remote Installation

    Measurement tools

    (distance, angle, density)

    Diagnostic image viewer

    Auto Routing

    DICOM and JPEG Export functions

    Multi-language support

    Mobile View

    WEB Concurent Connections

    (doctors can view images at the same time)

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