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Install Guide describes overview of MedDream DICOM Viewer. Basic information of the product, system requirements and instructions of installation.

MedDream DICOM Viewer is a HTML based package for PACS server which is designed to aid professionals in every day’s decision-making process, connecting all the medical data into a unified and fast performing network. MedDream ensures a fast and reliable way to search, present and analyze the medical data (images and video files) on various devices: computers, smart phones, tablets and so forth.

MedDream covers: radiology, cardiology, oncology, gastroenterology and many other fields of medical application. It seamlessly integrates with various medical imaging devices, such as: ultrasound (US), magnetic resonance (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT), endoscopy (ES), mammography (MG), digital radiography (DR), computed radiography (CR), ophthalmology, and so forth.

NOTE: This Install Guide describes basic information of the product, system requirements and installation instructions of MedDream DICOM Viewer. Install Guide is not equal to Install Manual document. To read full Install Manual document press here.

Core MedDream DICOM Viewer uses are:

  • Replacement of hard copies, e.g. film archives, paper documents, etc.
  • Remote access. MedDream provides a possibility to be mobile and work from any place in the world where the Internet is accessible. More than one person can access and view medical records at one time. Such functionality speeds up the collaboration among the professionals. So, that a doctor in the hospital and a doctor that is in the different location may view the medical data and discuss about it simultaneously. The patient’s medical history, various studies and images are found much faster comparing to the conventional paper-based methods.
  • MedDream can be used as a standalone WEB Viewer or integrated into PacsOne PACS, dcm4chee Archive, Conquest PACS, ClearCanvas PACS systems. Moreover, MedDream can be adapted to client’s PACS system and easily integrated into RIS/HIS workflow.
  • MedDream has multiple functions such as search of studies, viewing, analyzing, saving, exporting, forwarding images and videos, etc.

Install Guide is still filled with the information, for full Install Manual information please read Install Manual document.