Annual karting competition “SOFTNETA Go-Kart Cup 2017”




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In the middle of the summer we decided to have some fun with co-workers. Softneta team has spent an afternoon at the annual go-karting championship. The event is an opportunity for us to bond, build teamwork, create the trust that fosters open collaboration in our work and, of course, to compete – we always want to be the best!

As you can see from the photos, we like to cut loose and have fun as well.

Cut loose Softneta team

1st time go-kart women league winner Softneta

The winner takes it all Softneta team

The winner of them all Softneta team

Selfie is a must Softneta team

Mingle Softneta team

Ready Steady Go Softneta team

Go-kart cup 2017 winners Softneta

Happy feet Softneta team