MedDream DICOM Viewer 7.5.2 is released!




MedDream DICOM Viewer 7.5.2 new release

The new 7.5.2 version of MedDream DICOM Viewer is available!

Watch video tutorial demonstrating new features of MedDream DICOM Viewer 7.5.2 release:

The most important new features are described below:

  • CT/MR phases as separate series:

Click the preload icon to load the series or study images. While loading the system checks CT, MR or PT series and displays the phase filter:

Meddream Dicom Viewer With Ct And Mri Phases

After opening the middle of the phase images are displayed and you can see images of the phase by scrolling forward and backward.

  • Thumbnail bar possibility to use it from quick menu:

Simply change the position of Thumbnails bar: Thumbnails > Quick menu:

Meddream Dicom Viewer Quick Menu Thumbnails Bar

Then, click the right mouse button on the image to open Quick menu with Thumbnails bar:

Meddream Dicom Viewer Quick Menu Thumbnails

  • WEB DICOM (WADO) support: possibility to connect with any PACS that supports WADO integration.
  • Link Scrolled series: fast sync scroll if preloaded.

First, press Preload studies and then Link scrolled series button and scroll:

Meddream Dicom Viewer Link Scrolled Series


  • More user-friendly design of: Export, Share via DICOM Library, Forward modal windows.

Meddream Dicom Viewer Forward Window

  • Updated Export functionality: possibility to export big files: after a file is exported, press Download button.

Meddream Dicom Viewer Export Download

  • Security related improvements:
    • CSFR token;
    • Modern and safe frameworks.
  • New shortcuts for Hanging protocols:
    • Alt + V: apply next; Alt + C: apply previous.

Meddream Dicom Viewer Shurtcuts Hanging Protocol

Try for FREE the new 7.5.2 version of MedDream DICOM Viewer:

ONLINE DEMO meddream

For all modification history and more detailed information, please follow the link: Release Notes.
To use the MedDream DICOM Viewer 7.5.2 version, your current license must have updates, to purchase updates please contact us at: