MedDream DICOM Viewer 7.9.0 is released!




Meddream Dicom Viewer 790 New Release

The new 7.9.0 version of MedDream DICOM Viewer is available!

Watch video tutorial demonstrating new features of MedDream DICOM Viewer 7.9.0 release:

The most important new features are described below:

  • Zoom Selection. Manual dynamic zooming the selected area:Dynamic Zoom Selection Dicom Viewer

Select the area to zoom:

Zoom Selection Dicom Viewer

Selected area is zoomed:

Dynamic Zoom Dicom Viewer

  • Hanging Protocols. Possibility to select Hanging Protocols in menu or quick menu:
Main menu: Quick menu:
Main Menu HP Dicom Viewer Quick Menu HP Dicom Viewer Hanging Protocols
  • Saving viewport content as secondary DICOM capture in new series. Possibility to copy viewport content and save it as DICOM secondary capture in new series:

Save As Secondary Capture Dicom

  • Manual linked scrolling. Possibility to scroll all studies in opened viewports:

Linked Scrolling Dicom Viewer Meddream

  • Export functionality updates:

– multiple studies export. Possibility to modify the list of exported studies by clicking on check box to include the study. Active study is checked for exporting automatically.

– export study (-ies) for USB sticks in ZIP format. Choose: Media > ZIP archive for study or studies to be exported with portable Viewer in ZIP format for USB sticks:

Export Zip dicom viewer

– burn ZIP to CD or USB with created Reports in PDF. Choose: Report > Included as PDF for study or studies to be exported to CD or USB zips with created Reports for studies.

export Study dicom Viewer

  • Share via DICOM Library. Send an email in selected language: EN or DE:

Share Via Dicom Library Language

  • OP/OPT studies support Reference line. Reference line is supported if series have relation in metadata:

OP OPT Reference Line Dicom Viewer

  • Show/hide Info Labels in viewports. Info Labels are hidden when Info Labels button is deactivated in the Toolbar:

Info Labels Dicom Viewer

  • IVUS, OPT, OCT. Updated modalities list in search window:

IVUS SC OPT OCT Dicom Viewer

Modalities IVUS SC OPT OCT Dicom Viewer

  • About window. Updated design and rebranding options:

About Window Dicom Viewer

Icon in the end of License to row shows more information about license holder. Icon in the beginning of Version row shows more information about version status („up to date“, etc.).

  • Oblique MIST 3D: W/L. Possibility to change Window Leveling for 3D view:

3d MPR WL Dicom Viewer

New measurements:

  • Spine labeling. Annotate the vertebrae of the spine.  Possibility to exclude labels by choosing: Exclude Labels.

Spine Labeling dicom Viewer Verterbrae

NOTE: Double click to finish labeling.

  • Arrow pointer. Mark an area of interest on the image:

Arrow Tool Dicom Viewer Meddream

  • Pencil tool. Freely draw on the images:

Pencil Tool Dicom Viewer Meddream

  • Flexpoly tool. Draw flexible area on the images:

Flexpoly Tool Dicom Viewer Meddream

Find all the new features and enhancements of MedDream DICOM Viewer’s new release 7.9.0.

Try for FREE the new 7.9.0 version of MedDream DICOM Viewer:

ONLINE DEMO meddream

For all modification history and more detailed information, please follow the link: Release Notes.
To use the MedDream DICOM Viewer 7.9.0 version, your current license must have updates, to purchase updates please contact us at: