MedDream DICOM Viewer 7.7.0 is released!




MedDream DICOM Viewer 770 New Release

The new 7.7.0 version of MedDream DICOM Viewer is available!

The most important new features are described below:

  • Thumbnail bar update. Only one thumbnail per CT/MR/PET series is shown:

Thumbnail Icon In Thumbnail Bar For CT MR PET Series Web

  • Silent Preload. Optional CT/MR/PET series instances preloading on dragging thumbnail to viewport if configured to use one thumbnail:

Activate In Ct Mr Pet Series Preload Dicom Viewer Web

Silent Preload In Ct Mr Pet Series Dicom Viewer Web

  • Sync Windowing. Optional same series windowing synchronization. Windowing/Levelling changing for one instance from the same series in viewport:

Sync Windowing For Same Series Dicom Viewer Web

  • Simultaneous scrolling. Linking of series – manual simultaneous scrolling:

Simultaneous Scrolling Dicom Viewer

  • Active viewport buttons. On the right side of the viewport. Currently only for Simultaneous scrolling feature:

Active Viewport Buttons On Dicom Viewer Web

  • Updated Reports design. User experience improvements:

Reports Update Dicom Viewer

  • Live Share. Diagnostic quality real time sharing functionality (conference mode):

Host view:

Live Share Dicom Viewer

Guest view:

Live Share Guest Dicom Viewer

  • IHE XDS-I.b profile support: Cross-enterprise Document Sharing for Imaging (XDS-I.b) profile as Document Consumer: ITI-18, ITI-43, RAD-16, RAD-55, RAD-69 transactions. Read more about IHE XDS-I.b support.

MedDream CE class has been changed to IIb!

  • CE Class IIb certified: Medical software MedDream class has been changed from IIa (according to MDD) to IIb (according to MDR). Read more about MedDream certifications.

Find all the new features and enhancements of MedDream DICOM Viewer’s new release 7.7.0.

Try for FREE the new 7.7.0 version of MedDream DICOM Viewer:

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For all modification history and more detailed information, please follow the link: Release Notes.
To use the MedDream DICOM Viewer 7.7.0 version, your current license must have updates, to purchase updates please contact us at: