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New release 7.9.0

Watch the webinar’s video recording:

WEBINAR video: What’s new in MedDream v7.9.0? 2022-03-24

Agenda of the webinar:

  • New release MedDream v7.9.0 features presentation;
  • New release MedDream v7.9.0 features live demonstration;
  • MedDream news;
  • Questions and answers session.


Speaker: Vytautas Baublys, CEO & Co-founder of Softneta.
Moderator: Renata Kalniūnienė, Marketing Project Manager at Softneta.

During the webinar, these questions from the attendees were answered:

  • Will it be possible to warn a user if new annotation is not being saved?
  • Any chance to have a portable Viewer more like MedDream Viewer?
  • Will the portable Viewer provide 3D MPR rendering?
  • Will it be possible (or is it already possible) to export a study with a URL link instead of an image burned on a CD? If so, is said study the one already present on the local server that hosts the MedDream license or is it rather on the Softneta server? In both cases (local/Softneta), are the images then anonymized?
  • Can spine labeling be stored as annotations (PR DICOM file) on the PACS server?
  • Will the DICOM secondary capture (viewport copy) be stored automatically (DICOM Store) on the PACS?
  • Is it possible to decide if we want one series with all secondary captures or it’s only one series per secondary capture?
  • Are these features included in MedDream PACS product?
  • Is it possible to attach the SR created in MedDream to the study as a batch and save it in PACS?
  • Is it possible to proceed to radial rotation (vertical/horizontal) of the 3D volume in MPR MIST?
  • Will it be possible to allow download only one series of one CT-MRI-PT study?
  • I want to ask about SendToPACS features which you just release a couple days ago. Can you explain to me what is it? The function?
  • Are you planning any conversion of reports to DICOM pdf and save them to PACS?
  • Is SendToPACS still using flash?
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