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New features v7.9.0

Watch the video tutorial:

Video tutorial demonstrating new features of MedDream DICOM Viewer 7.9.0 release.

The most important new features are described below:

 – Saving viewport content as secondary DICOM capture in new series;
– Manually linked scrolling;
– Export functionality updates:
– multiple studies export;
– export study (-ies) for USB sticks in ZIP format;
– burn ZIP to CD or USB with created Reports in PDF.
– Share via DICOM Library. Send an email in the selected language: EN or DE;
– OP/OPT studies support the Reference line;
– Show/hide Info Labels in viewports;
– IVUS, OPT, OCT. Updated modalities list in search window;
– About window. Updated design and rebranding options;
– Oblique MIST 3D: W/L. Possibility to change Window Leveling for 3D view. New measurements:
– Spine labeling. Annotate the vertebrae of the spine;
– Arrow pointer. Mark an area of interest on the image;
– Pencil tool. Freely draw on the images;
– Flexpoly tool. Draw the flexible area on the images.
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