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Configuration & integration

Watch the technical training’s video recording:

TECHNICAL TRAINING video: MedDream configuration & integration. 2022-03-22

Agenda of the webinar:

  • Hanging Protocols configuration;
  • Personalized UI settings;
  • MedDream “cache preparation” configuration;
  • Compression usage;
  • Discussion with participants, Q&A.


Speaker: Tomas Simanynas, Deployment Project Manager at Softneta.
Guest Speaker: Vytautas Baublys, CEO & Co-founder of Softneta
Guest Speaker: Artūras Gruodis, Chief Integration Officer and at Softneta.
Moderator: Renata Kalniūnienė, Marketing Project Manager at Softneta.

During the webinar, these questions from the attendees were answered:

– Hanging Protocol configuration:
– Mammography Hanging protocols;
– Multi-vendor mammography hanging configuration including priors;
– Is it possible to get HP in CT/MRI with MPR views?
– User A would like to use a default protocol and User B would like to use a different default protocol. How can we manage the order of the hanging protocols list per user?
– Is it possible to use the “AND” and “OR” operator between conditions?
– How the administrator knows which user they are setting the hanging protocol for or how to switch between user profiles for hanging protocol configuration?Personalized UI settings:
– Is it possible to use custom configuration (per user) using the HIS integration?
– But then, how can the test.user can set his buttons of there is no access to settings?Other:
– Is that possible to have full support UTF-8_General_CI or TIS-620 for MySQL database setting for MedDream or PACSONE, then we do not need to worry about multilanguage translation all the time?
– Native IAN in MedDream PACS Premium is included in the default license or is it an additional option?
– Multi-monitor setup;
– Closing images;
– Can 3D viewer rendering do in a mobile phone via a website?
– How can I transfer an image from an ultrasound device to MedDream?
– How to burn Patient CD with MedDream viewer?

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