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General Information

This user`s guide describes MedDream DICOM Viewer’s functionalities and operation with MedDream.

Seeking to ensure patient safety, software should be used by intended use. You should therefore ensure that you are thoroughly familiar with the user manual before setting up and using MedDream for the first time.

MedDream does not replace medical professionals and could be used only as an additional tool.

Please note that medical images quality, sharpness, accuracy and other parameters, relevant to the users, directly depends on the technical capabilities of medical device, which is generating medical images, on the monitor and printer technical capabilities.

Read more about: indications for use, personal data security breach, serious incidents reporting, explanation of symbols used, summary of clinical evaluation report, warnings regarding residual risks, etc. in full documentation: Viewing functionalities User Manual and General User Manual.

Availability of documentation
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Full User Manual is available online on the Softneta website as well as access to the supporting software versions. Instructions are included in the “Documentation” part in the section “Downloads”. User Manual could be opened in a browser or saved in pdf format and downloaded to the computer.

Software Installation & Service Manual is added as a separate document to the User Manual.

If You require paper version of User Manual, please ask us by email: Paper version of User Manual will be sent not later than in 72 hours after receiving Your request (to the address You specify).

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Please visit MedDream DICOM Viewer FAQ page  for answers to frequently asked questions or problems.

CAUTION! Incorrectly installed software could cause inconvenience to medical professionals using the software and disruption of the medical professional activities.

If you have any questions or comments regarding MedDream functionalities or this user`s guide, please contact Softneta Customer Support Team at:

WARNING! In the event of malfunction of the device or changes in its performance that may affect safety, contact to manufacturer.