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DICOM Viewer Features

Opening Studies Patient History
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Supporting Functions

The main supporting functions of the DICOM Viewer are as follows:

icon Report
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Report. Possibility to write a report for a study. Report function can be reached in viewport or in the search window:

Meddream Dicom Viewer Report

Please contact us directly to check for reporting function possibility.

icon Print
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Toolbar > Print. Possibility to print an active image from the DICOM Viewer.

Meddream Dicom Viewer Print

Choose one of Printing options: Print Active Layout Area or Print Non-Empty Layout Areas.

DICOM print
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DICOM print possibility with integrated printing component.

icon Forward
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Toolbar > Forward. Send the selected several studies at once to the remote DICOM devices and easily find devices while forwarding.

icon Export
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Toolbar > Export. Export multiple studies and save them in different formats: DICOM, jpg/mp4, tiff/mp4, png/mp4, and bmp/mp4:

Meddream Dicom Viewer Export

Watch video tutorial demonstrating the exporting functionality of MedDream WEB DICOM Viewer:

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Toolbar > Export > Burn. Export the study to burn it to CD/DVD/Dual Layer DVD.

Meddream Dicom Viewer Burn

icon Anonymize and Share files
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Toolbar > Share files via DICOM Library. Possibility to anonymize and share studies via DICOM Library.

Watch video tutorial demonstrating the sharing files functionality of MedDream WEB DICOM Viewer:

Keyboard shortcuts
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System menu > Shortcuts: The keyboard shortcuts allow the users to quickly change tools and interact with the data.

Meddream Dicom Viewer Settings
Shortcuts menu will display modal with keyboard shortcuts:

Meddream Dicom Viewer Shortcuts

Viewer global keyboard shortcuts:




Full screen

Ctrl + F


Ctrl + E


2D viewports keyboard shortcuts:


Reference Lines*


Auto or manual link translation synchronization*


Unlink translation synchronization*


Display Reset*


Cine Tools*


Select image zooming tool*

Ctrl + Mouse wheel



Select image panning tool*

Shift + T

Align to left corner

Shift + U

Align to right corner

Shift + Y

Align to center

Ctrl + Left click + Drag



Select image window (brightness/contrast) adjustment tool*


Select distance measurement tool*


Select angle measurement tool*

Ctrl + Del

Delete all measurements from active viewport


Delete selected measurement from active viewport


Select image rotate tool

Shift + R

Rotate Right

Shift + L

Rotate Left

Shift + V

Flip vertical

Shift + H

Flip horizontal

Shift + A

Axial reconstruction

Shift + C

Coronal reconstruction

Shift + S

Sagittal reconstruction

Shift + M

Multiplanar reconstruction

Shift + Mouse wheel

Rotate image with 5 degree steps

Shift + Del

Clear transform


Select magnifier tool

Mouse wheel

If magnifier tools is active will change magnifier zoom

Alt + Mouse wheel

If magnifier tools is active will change magnifier dimensions

Ctrl + Num 0

Fit image to screen

Ctrl + Num 1

Set zoom to 100% (1 image pixel = 1 screen pixel)

Ctrl + Num 2

Set zoom to 200%

Ctrl + Num 3

Set zoom to 300%

Ctrl + Num 4

Set zoom to 400%

Ctrl + +

Increase zoom

Ctrl + -

Decrease zoom

Num 0

Full dynamic brightness/contrast

Num 2

Windowing preset Abdominal for CT images (wl=60, ww=400)

Num 3

Windowing preset Angio for CT images (wl=300, ww=600)

Num 4

Windowing preset Bone for CT images (wl=300, ww=1500)

Num 5

Windowing preset Brain for CT images (wl=40, ww=80)

Num 6

Windowing preset Chest for CT images (wl=40, ww=400)

Num 7

Windowing preset Lungs for CT images (wl=-400, ww=1500)




Show intensity value


Stop/Play cine or video or multiframe



Right click

Opens context menu

Up Arrow

Go to previous image

Down Arrow

Go to next image

Left Arrow

Go to previous series

Right Arrow

Go to next series

Ctrl + Shift + S

Activate fast scroll between series

Ctrl + K

Adding instance to the Key Object selection

Ctrl + Shift + K

Open the Key Object Selection management dialog

Shift + Z

Quick save KO, PR


Print active image*

Alt + V

Apply next Hanging Protocol

Alt + C

Apply previous Hanging Protocol

    * – IHE recommendations in Basic Image Review profile.