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Manipulation Features

The MedDream DICOM Viewer has the image manipulation features:

icon Reference lines
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Toolbar > Reference Lines. Overlaying Reference Lines allow you to indicate the location of an image slice on another image of an intersecting plane.

Meddream Dicom Viewer Reference Lines

NOTE: Reference line function is automatically applied in all active viewports if Reference line tool is activated (tool icon is highlighted). If the function is not needed, click the highlighted Reference line button to deactivate the tool.

icon Orientation labels
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Orientation Labels on the edges of the images clearly indicate how the patient is oriented.

Meddream Dicom Viewer Orientation Labels

icon Sync Windowing
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Toolbar > Windowing > Sync Windowing. Optional same series windowing synchronization. Windowing/Levelling changing for one instance from the same series in viewport:

Sync Windowing For Same Series Dicom Viewer Web

Possibility to activate/deactivate the feature.

icon Color palette
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Toolbar > Windowing > Color palette. Possibility to apply color palette for monochrome DICOM images.

Color Palette Menu Dicom Viewer

Expand the color palette selection field and select the desired color palette, if you want the color palette to be applied:

Color Palette Dicom Viewer

icon Cine Mode
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Toolbar > Cine. Using Cine Mode, you may put all series images into one movie:

Meddream Dicom Viewer Cine Mode

Click on the Cine mode tool in Viewer’s main toolbar wait until the series images preload is done, if not loaded earlier.

icon Crosshair
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Toolbar > Crosshair. Crosshair tool allow you to locate the images (slices) of the intersecting planes for the selected point on the active image.

Meddream Dicom Viewer Crosshair

Watch how Crosshair tool is used working with MPR features:

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VOI LUT. Possibility to select and apply: non-linear transformation stored by medical modality.

VOI LUT (Value Of Interest Look-Up Table) dynamic group is displayed only if VOI LUT configurations are found in image DICOM file.

icon Reset
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Toolbar > Reset. Reset button is used to reset changes made after using manipulation tools and clear the measurements.

You can choose to reset all images (Reset All), or to reset only active image (Reset Selected):

Meddream Dicom Viewer Reset