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Specific Features

The MedDream DICOM Viewer also has specific features:

icon Live Share support
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Toolbar > Live Share. Diagnostic quality real time-sharing functionality (conference mode). LiveShare tool is used to share the content of user’s (host) Viewer window with one or more other users (guests).

Host’s view in live sharing:

Live Share Dicom Viewer

During live sharing following actions are supported:

  • Changing the appearance of the Viewer window (layout, thumbnail panel position, multi-image);
  • Opening images in viewports;
  • Changing windowing values;
  • Image spatial transformations (pan, scale, rotate, flip);
  • Image scrolling (scroll menu actions, scrollbar actions);
  • Location functions (reference line, crosshair);
  • Measurements (except the calibration line);
  • Resetting changes in viewport (applied measurements, spatial transformations);
  • Multiplanar reconstruction (orthogonal planes).

Live sharing is dedicated for images. Multi-frame, video, ECG, PDF, SR documents is not supposed to be live shared.

Guest’s view in live sharing:

Live Share Guest Dicom Viewer

The guest Viewer window repeats the host Viewer window content and host’s actions. The guest URL may by copied, send to guest user, and guest may connect at any time during the session. The number of guests is not limited.

Presenter tool
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Toolbar > Presenter tool. For marking an area of interest in the viewport during presentation:

Presenter Tools Meddream

Presenter tools:

  • Fading line;
  • Fading arrow;
  • Draw;
  • Clear All;
  • Laser Pointer;
  • Selecting from 5 colors.

Configurable in user Settings:

Presenter Tools Meddream Settings

icon Multi-frame support
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Multi-frame support. Multi-frame image support:

Multiframe Dicom Viewer

Multi-frame images navigation: the shortcut Arrow left/right button will allow to navigate through frames.

icon Video support
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Video support. MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video support:

Video Dicom Viewer

icon ECG support
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ECG support. Electrocardiography study support allows to view DICOM ECG wave data:

Ecg Dicom Viewer

icon PDF support
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PDF support. Support for PDF files enables to view PDF files encapsulated in DICOM format.

Meddream Dicom Viewer SupportPDF Modality

icon SR support
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SR support. Support for SR modality enables to view structured reports. SR window displays standard DICOM Structured Reports.

Meddream Dicom Viewer SR Modality

icon Non-DICOM support
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Non-dicom supportBMP, JPG, TIFF, MPEG, PDF, and TXT files support on request:

PR support
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PR Support. Support for Presentation State annotations:

Meddream Dicom Viewer Presentation State

User information available on saving PR, possibility to select description from the list (configurable):

MedDream Dicom Viewer Ko Pr Saving

icon KO support
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Key Objects (KO) support. Possibility to mark instances as KO and save them.  Available KO instances can be opened for review.

Meddream Dicom Viewer Ko Thumb

Read more about Key Objects saving: Quick save KO.

icon CAD marks
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Toolbar > CAD marks. Displaying CAD SR findings on mammography images. Possibility to show/hide:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Cad Marks

Indicating the CAD findings in Info Labels:

  • the number of each type in the image;
  • the number in the image;
  • the total number in the series.

icon DICOM Overlay
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Toolbar > Windowing > DICOM Overlay. Showing DICOM Overlay in GUI. Possibility to show/hide:

MedDream Dicom Viewer DICOM Overlays Web

icon Montage
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Toolbar > Montage. Possibility to create a Montage of different instances and save it as secondary capture in a new series:

Meddream Dicom Viewer Montage

You can add the content of any not empty Viewer viewport to the montage by clicking on the viewport with the assigned mouse button. With the buttons in the top right corner of the Montage window, you can do the following:

  • Delete the image from the montage;
  • Reset all the montage;
  • Save the current montage image as secondary capture DICOM by pressing the Save button:

Meddream Dicom Viewer Montage Saved As Secondary Capture

  • Shortcut can be assigned.
  • Patient ID, Name, and Study Date are shown.
  • Comparison study is highlighted.

  • Window can be minimized:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Montage Min

icon Fusion
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Toolbar > Fusion. In addition to the PET series, MR, CT and NM series or other configured modalities may also be used for the Fusion feature:

Fusion CT MR Dicom Viewer

icon PET-CT Fusion
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Toolbar > Fusion. Fusion function for Positron Emission Tomography (PET CT).

Fusion Dicom Viewer

Possibility to combine the series of PET and CT types, thus linking the sites of radioactive drug concentrations with the anatomical patient structure.

icon Advanced PET Fusion
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Advanced PET Fusion. Opening multiple PET reconstructions:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Advanced Pet Fusion

icon Spin 
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Spin. Rotating the Sagittal or Coronal reconstructions around the X axis. Possibility to Auto Spin Forward or Backward:

MedDream Dicom Viewer Spin

icon Construct 4D series
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Toolbar > 4D Tools > Construct 4D series. 4D tools for working with studies that have not only space but also time parameters:

Construct 4D Series Menu

Construct 4D series. The tool is used to create a virtual series from the study series, where the data are sorted in space and then in time. The tool can be used for both multi-series merging and single-series processing:

Construct 4D Series Dicom Viewer

Toolbar > 4D Tools > 4D slider bar: for steering time points in studies that have time parameters.

4D Series Slide Bar Dicom Viewer

Possibility to Show/Hide 4D slider bar:

icon Digital Subtraction
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Digital Subtraction. Apply Digital Subtraction Angiography mask for XA images:

Dicom Viewer Digital Subtraction Angiography

icon Color channels
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Toolbar > Channels. Highlight a color component or a combination of them in the image by showing selected color in white shades and other colors in black.

Meddream Dicom Viewer Color