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Release notes 4.03

MedDream DICOM Viewer v4.03 (2014-09-24)

New features:

– ignores images of specified SOP Classes (PacsOne only);
– attachments can be stored under specified directory instead of the database;
– external.php for Conquest supports linking by Accession Number;
– support for dcm4chee 4.x (dcm4chee-arc), with MySQL and Oracle;
– auto-logout after idle time (registered versions only);
– initial release of a non-Flash viewer for mobile devices.

Bug fixes:

– uncompressed RGB with Planar Configuration = 1 now shown correctly;
– ECG thumbnails, Encapsulated PDF now supported under Conquest;
– added support for uncompressed YBR_FULL, YBR_FULL_422;
– attachments, reports didn’t work with PacsOne < 6.2.1;
– didn’t show legacy reports from MedReport;
– integrated reports: contents of a freshly added report weren’t accessible via history.

Known bugs:

– SRs can’t be viewed under Linux;
– Modality LUT is incorrectly applied *after* VOI LUT — won’t show some images;
– no search for Ideographic and Phonetic versions of person names;
– mobile version doesn’t log off when closing browser window;
– ClearCanvas: Save Images and Print Series use a different image order than during display.

Versions older than two years are no longer supported. Supported versions are only from 5.5.2 and later.

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