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Release notes 7.1

MedDream DICOM Viewer v7.1 (2019-04-19)

New features:

– Multi-PACS support available by MedDream DICOM Viewer’s PACS plugins: dcm4chee v2, dcm4chee v5, Orthanc, PacsOne, DICOM QueryRetrieve, FileSystem;
– Added active layout sending to DICOM Library share functionality;
– Added new ECG SOP class 1.2.840.10008.;
– Quick Navigation between series with mouse wheel;
– 3D: Pan function in Oblique MPR;
– Context menu fixed on full-screen mode;
– Implemented Hanging Protocols support (alpha version);
– Supporting PHP 7.1 extension.


– NegativeArraySizeException viewing US study;
– Double view of the same picture if using mobile version;
– Security issues fixes;
– None of tools are active after line measurement is used on mobile device Firefox and JPEG mode;
– Mobile version: after adding some measure like line, other tools are not working;
– Right Mouse button Context menu on Firefox browser is not working;
– Fixed IE 11 context menu size to show menu titles;
– Default measurement is selected as Line when Line selection is not possible in menu (button is not showed by settings).

Known limitations:

– Following functions are not supported in JAVA: Reports;
– Multiple Query/Retrieve plugin instances store DICOM Instances in one cache catalog.

Known bugs:

– Export function doesn’t allow downloading VOL2 and subsequent volumes;
– 3D: MIP is not centered;
– Safari and Firefox problems: video preview is not working as browser gives an error;
– Failure to save PR/KO to PACSes other than PacsOne (callingAET and calledAET need to be swapped).

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