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Release notes 8.2.0

MedDream DICOM Viewer v8.2.0 (2023-05-16)


  • New measurement: TT-TG distance;
  • New measurement: Goniometry measurements;
  • New functionality: a Histogram window showing the pixel values in the image, created functions for easier Windowing (W/L) changes, and the possibility to enter the accurate W/L values from the keyboard; the improved algorithm for changing W/L on the viewport by dragging the mouse;
  • New functionality: the ability to sync changes of Windowing, Color Palette, Pan, and Zoom actions for the same series or for all images in all viewports;
  • New functionality: the possibility to create a Montage of different instances and store data as Secondary capture in a new series;
  • Implemented the possibility to use other tools linked to the mouse buttons while creating measurements;
  • Implemented support for built-in overlays (stored in unused bit planes of Pixel Data);
  • Implemented the possibility to change the color and thickness of measurements stroke in the system settings for all users;
  • Implemented the possibility to make Fusion with other modalities than CT, MR, and NM (configuration needed);
  • Implemented Align & Lock functionality, which locks (maintains) the left or right image alignment while applying Zoom or Pan actions (recommended for mammography image alignment);
  • Hanging Protocols settings moved from global.json to the separate file hangingProtocols.json. Implemented the possibility and permission for storing and editing user’s personal hanging protocols;
  • Changes in MPR reconstructions: only MIST Oblique functionality is available;
  • Improved MPR MIST Oblique reconstructions to support large studies;
  • Improved displaying of images with unequal pixel spacing;
  • Improved Color palette for inverted instance – color palette will be reversed for inverted instance;
  • Improved Presentation State (PR) – the list of presentation states displays user-assigned names or the date and time provided by the system, which makes it easier for users to select PR;
  • Improved Segmentation tools: merged the Free Draw and Smart Paint tools, allowing to start segmenting with one and continue the action with the other; added the ability to group by series; added the possibility to start editing by selecting a segment in the viewport;
  • Improved Patient History, Forward, Export modals windows design, and updated Settings window style. New icon for Patient History functionality;
  • Improved Shortcuts: a shortcut button configuration permission has been created, which will restrict the modification of shortcut buttons;
  • Improved Synchronize Windowing for the Same Series functionality, and now it is applied to any of the fusion series, either background or overlay;
  • Improved Custom Windowing functionality: created dynamic shortcuts for Custom Windowing for different modalities;
  • Improved notification (info, warning, error) messages functionality in search and settings windows;
  • Improved mouse cursor icon according to the selected action;
  • Improved Magnifier tool: the last radius and/or zoom values of the magnifier are stored in the local storage and applied to the next action or the next user session;
  • Improved Temp Cleaner functionality;
  • Switched to Java 17. Java 8 is not supported anymore;
  • Changes in permission/roles – VIEW_PRIVATE role is not used anymore, was changed to PACSONE_VIEW_ONLY_PUBLIC role;
  • Changes in settings migration from older version – tools order in the Toolbar properties section of the Viewer settings will remain as specified by the user in old settings, and new tools will be added at the end of the list (configurable, read in the Install manual);
  • Updated dependencies and 3rd party libraries.

Known limitations:

  • URL integration does not support MultiStorage;
  • Internet Explorer 11 is not supported;
  • Mozilla Firefox browser has certain memory limitations: MIST MPR functionality will fail on series where uncompressed DICOM data is larger than 2 GB.

Known bugs:

  • Safari and Firefox problems: preview is not working for some video studies because of these browsers’ limited video format support.

Read more about 8.2.0 new features or try its ONLINE DEMO now!

Download the newest MedDream DICOM Viewer v8.2.0 version.

Linux users: for upgrading to the newest version, please follow the link: Upgrading to MedDream v8.2.0 for (Linux) or read Installation & Service Manual page no 134.

Windows users: for upgrading to the newest version, please follow the link: Upgrading to MedDream v8.2.0 for (Windows) or read Installation & Service Manual page no 136.

NOTE: MedDream v8.2.0 and later versions will be supported for critical and security fixes for 1 year period to ensure integrability, reliability, and security.