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Release notes 5.5.1

MedDream DICOM Viewer v5.5.1 (2017-03-27)

New features:

– Make HTML report as separate module.


– PHP runs out of memory when opening big Breast Tomosynthesis studies;
– A bug in GDCM causes mdc.exe to use a lot of memory;
– Light BOLD font in search boxes would be better for examination (for high resolution black/white medical monitors);
– Search query is activated after one mouse click on the search box;
– Unable to view CR study in HTML5 viewer, getting “Error: 3” code;
– Used memory fails to be released when HTML5 viewer is used;
– Exporting study to CD from search or HTML5 viewer, “Download” and “Burn” buttons do not reload;
– E11 Settings window shows “Promis undefined” error.

Known bugs:

– Some images are invisible as Modality LUT is incorrectly applied after VOI LUT;
– Mobile version doesn’t log off properly when closing the browser window;
– Abort of a background operation delayed with large images and nonzero meddream.retrieve_entire_study;
– Filtering search results with two or more modalities do not show any results (WADO integration).

NOTE: Versions older than two years are no longer supported. Supported versions are only from 5.5.2 and later.

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